Which Honda Models Were Named AUTOMOBILE All-Stars?

March 21st, 2018 by

Which Honda Models Were Named AUTOMOBILE All-Stars?

Which Honda Models Were Named AUTOMOBILE All-Stars? Recently AUTOMOBILE magazine selected two sporty Honda Models as 2018 AUTOMOBILE All-Stars, but which models were awarded? The Honda Accord and Civic Type R! Of any brand, Honda has the most models on the list. To be considered for the awards, the vehicles must be all-new, heavily revised, or have newly significant model variants on sale in the U.S. within 12 months of All-Star testing.

“To receive two All-Star nods in one year speaks to how special we think Honda’s recent offerings have been,” says Mike Floyd, AUTOMOBILE Editor-in-Chief. “The new 10th-generation Accord is a meticulously engineered sedan with soul, especially in Sport trim, and the Civic Type R is arguably the greatest performance car for the money available today. From family haulers to hauling butt, Honda continues to blow us – and the competition – away.”

The magazine writes about the Honda Civic Type R, “The engine pulls hard enough to make you think this Civic has more than 306 horsepower. Amazingly, it exhibits zero torque steer under full acceleration, thanks to its brilliant dual-axis strut suspension up front. The engine/induction/turbo sound inside the cabin is most pleasing in Race mode, but even then it’s still pretty quiet and not as racy-sounding as, say, the Ford Focus RS.

The brakes are superb and exhibited no fade while lapping at full-tilt speeds in the process of trying (and managing) to lose a well-driven 603-horsepower Mercedes-AMG E63 S. Talk about an overachiever. The Type R’s handling is so well-sorted that I’m not sure I’ve ever driven a better-handling street car on a track right out of the box, not counting far more exotic models that usually have a starting price four to five times greater than the Honda’s.”

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