Which Honda Models Should My Family Buy?

June 6th, 2018 by

Which Honda Models Should My Family Buy?

Which Honda Models Should My Family Buy? Parents and Edmunds teamed up to help families determine which vehicles will best meet their needs with their “10 Best Family Cars of 2018” list. In order to select the winners, Parents and Edmunds evaluated over 300 vehicles, taking into consideration safety ratings, car seat installation, driving dynamics, comfort, price, and fuel efficiency.

The Honda Odyssey was named the Best Minivan. Parents writes, “Thanks to a makeover this year, the Honda Odyssey ($30,090+) looks and drives better—plus it offers more family perks. “The rear-row head restraints are adjustable in several ways, making car seats easier to install,” says Patterson. The  2018’s engine is about 15 percent more powerful, so it won’t feel sluggish  if you need to quickly merge onto the highway, notes Brent Romans, an editor at Edmunds.  The EX model or above ($34,060+) will beep if another car is in your blind spot when you put on your turn signal. With its “Magic Slide” system, you can move second row seats apart to give kids personal space or push them together so passengers can climb into the third row. If you splurge for the Touring or Elite model ($44,610+), you’ll have a screen with a view of the back rows to see if your baby has drifted off. “I love how the navigation system links with the ‘Are We There Yet?’ app so my kids can see on the screen how much time is left in the trip,” says Kate L. Mary, of Troy, Ohio. Most models come in 8 colors.” 

The Honda Accord impressed as the Best Sedan because, “The Honda Accord has been a favorite family pick since the  ’90s—and the tenth generation, which debuted this year, looks sleeker, has more interior room, and is packed with advanced safety features even on the LX base model ($23,570+). The ride is more comfy, too, with back support in the front seats. Spray-foam insulation throughout the interior helps keep out external noise, making it easier to have a conversation with passengers. Backseat passengers also have a bit more space. Comes in 11 colors.”

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