Three Honda Models are 2018 Driver’s Choice Awards Winners

February 21st, 2018 by

Three Honda Models are Driver's Choice Awards Winners

Three Honda Models are 2018 Driver’s Choice Awards Winners! The 2018 Honda Civic, a third consecutive win for the 10th-generation Civic, 2018 Honda Accord, and 2018 Honda Odyssey won the top award in their segments. The criteria for the MotorWeek “2018 Driver’s Choice Awards” includes price, practicality, performance and fuel efficiency.

Honda took home top honors in the following categories:

  • Best Small Car: 2018 Honda Civic: “Jumping right in with our Best Small Car, we’ve already got our first controversy. Traditionally, we don’t bestow an award to any car more than two years in a row; but the latest Civic has been such a game changer, we had to evolve to keep up with it and think thrice. Truthfully, it was the fact that Honda unleashed not one, but two high-performance variants that really sealed the deal. You can get a mild upgrade in coupe and sedan from the Civic Si, or go extreme with the “Hot-n’-Hyper” Type R Hatchback”
  • Best Family Sedan: 2018 Honda Accord“Which brings us to the Best Family Sedan category. While Civics have been key in raising the bar for compacts, the Accord fully embraces the trend of midsize sedans encroaching on luxury car territory.  Losing 4-door sales to SUVs for years now, carmakers are throwing everything they have at what used to one of the most boring segments in automotivedom. That’s no longer the case, and the Honda Accord is a big part of the reason why.”
  • Best Minivan: 2018 Honda Odyssey“Our Best Minivan award goes to the Honda Odyssey. While the minivan segment is no longer the sales juggernaut that it once was; a big reason that it even still exists today is the Honda Odyssey. A reliable family favorite for over two decades, the Odyssey is all new for ’18, bringing a whole new level of technology and near-luxury refinement to its class. Odyssey boasts more comfort, more safety, and more family-friendly features, along with more dynamic styling covering storage space galore.”

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