The Highlights Of The Honda CR-V Audio System Features

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Since 1949, when Honda was founded, all its CEOs have shared one particular qualification – they have all been engineers. It’s hardly surprising that engineering innovation has characterized Honda’s history.

There’s much more than Bluetooth to the Honda CR-V audio system. Here are a few of the highlights of the Honda CR-V audio system.

Honda CR-V Audio System

Ever since car radios became commercially available in 1930, they have enhanced the driving experience.

The Honda CR-V integrates in-car audio with other infotainment features in a subtle and effective way. The easy to use controls and quality sound are consistent with the Honda CR-V overall quality.

Honda is known for innovation in engineering. They keep up-to-date with developments in audio technology. They are up to speed with smartphones, touchscreen capability, and Bluetooth functionality.

You will find the Honda CR-V audio controls in the centrally located infotainment system. All the models have attractively presented infotainment interfaces.

The entry-level models have a 5-inch screen. This gives way to a 7-inch screen in premium models.

Getting Started

The power volume knob turns the system on and off. Just press the center of the knob. This knob is also the volume control with an uncomplicated clockwise turn to increase volume and counter-clockwise to reduce it.

There’s also a steering wheel-mounted touch-sensitive volume control with clear plus and minus signs for safe volume control without removing your hands from the steering wheel. Muting couldn’t be easier. Simply run your thumb down the touch-sensitive volume control.

The audio and infotainment interfaces are bright and clear making selecting options simple.

Audio Controls

Using the centrally-mounted infotainment screen, you can access the audio controls. From the home screen, touch the “audio” icon. This opens the audio screen.

There are several types of audio input. These are referred to as “sources”.

To select one of the audio types, touch the “source” icon. The display indicates the options including the radio wavebands, Bluetooth, USB and more.

For example, you may select FM radio by touching the “FM” icon. Search for stations either by scanning or using the tune control. Add any stations you wish to use frequently to your pre-sets by touching and holding the desired number while tuned to that station.

These intuitive controls are easy to use. The appearance is also modern and clean, making them a pleasure to use.

When different audio types are selected, the display changes to reflect that type of audio input. The station presets that appear when the radio is selected change to more appropriate features when an iPod is selected. In iPod mode, you can shuffle albums, shuffle songs or repeat songs at the touch of a button.

Honda CR-V models with a 5-inch screen tune their radio stations using the “select” knob. Use the numbered buttons below the screen to add a radio station to your presets.

Smartphone Connectivity

Honda CR-V models that include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have USB connection ports. These USB ports are easy to access. They are inside the armrest.

When your smartphone is connected, an icon appears on the infotainment interface. Select this feature by touching the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay icon.


The Bluetooth functionality allows operation of your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. There are phone controls on the steering wheel so you can operate the phone safely and hands-free.

Bluetooth also enables the Honda CR-V to access audio recordings on your smartphone. This way you can listen to music stored on your phone or even streamed to your phone, through the car audio system.


The number and type of speakers vary with each model of the Honda CR-V. The CR-V LX audio and infotainment system produces a very acceptable sound from four speakers. The CR-V EX audio and infotainment system has the same speaker configuration.

The CR-V EX-L is an enhanced version of the CR-V EX. It includes an eight-speaker system with an impressive 180 watts of output.

The CR-V Touring trim has an even more upgraded audio package. This premium package features nine speakers. They produce 330 watts of high-quality output.


Audio settings are available through the menu icon. There are some settings that apply to all types of audio input. There are also settings that apply only to the radio or iPod.

It’s easy to access these settings. For example. just touch the clock on the touch screen and the clock settings menu is displayed. Adjust the clock type, change the time, format and time zone from here.

Switching Between Navigation and Audio

For models that have a satellite navigation system, switching between navigation and audio couldn’t be easier.

The touch screen displays both a map and an audio button. In audio mode, touching the map button switches the screen to the satellite navigation screen. Switch back to the previous audio screen by touching the audio button.


The way you use your Honda CR-V is unique to you. Honda recognizes this and allows you to configure the audio and infotainment system interface.

For example, you can change the home screen by touching and holding the “audio” icon. Drag and drop it in your preferred position. Repeat this for any icons you wish to relocate and then touch the “OK” button to confirm it.

You may notice that there is an arrow to the side of the home screen. Touching it or swiping sideways reveals another screen. This can be used for additional applications as and when they become available.

Enjoy the Drive

Driving the Honda CR-V is a pleasure even without the Honda CR-V audio system. Add some great tunes or a local radio station and the pleasure is multiplied. Enjoy the drive!

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