Should the Honda Passport Be Your Next Car? (The Answer: Yes!)

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Did you know there are more than 150 different SUV models available in the United States? It can be overwhelming for anyone on the market for a new car.

With so many options, how can you choose the right one for you? Many people have found the Honda Passport to be a great choice.

Still not sure? Here are some of the main reasons the 2019 Honda Passport should be at the top of your list.


First and foremost, safety is one key reason we love the Passport. in all of the various Passport models, you’ll find the Honda Sensing suite of safety features.

This is a great set of tools that will protect you on the road. It includes a lane departure warning that alerts you if you cross into the wrong lane.

You’ll also find a collision mitigation braking system that will warn you about forward collisions. Also keep an eye out for adaptive cruise control that will make your ride much simpler.

In some Passport models, you’ll also come across additional safety features. These include rear cross-traffic detection systems and blind spot detection capabilities.

Space and Storage

At 190.5 inches long, the Passport is right in the middle when it comes to the competition. It’s got a healthy amount of space for a two-row SUV.

Honda SUVs, however, are known for their great cargo space. This comes in handy any time you need a little extra storage room.

You’ll find 41.2 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row in the trunk area. It can be easily accessed, giving you that additional space you need.

What’s more is that the second row can fold down, expanding this space into 78 cubic feet. Talk about storage options.

Interior Features and Tech

Another important feature of any SUV? The interior, including the technology.

The inside of Passport is very similar to the Honda Pilot, just minus a row. So if you’ve been inside one of them, you won’t be surprised when you see the interior of the Passport.

A great way to describe it is clean, contemporary, and functional. It’s sleek but still accessible.

When it comes to tech (also known as the infotainment system), the Passport gets a stellar review. The displays and clear and easy to navigate and allow you to easily connect your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Also note that the Passport features perforated leather on the steering wheel as well as a great center storage cubby unit for all your odds and ends.

Off-Road Capabilities

Another great feature of the Passport? Its ability to handle all types of terrain.

Being an SUV on a unibody platform, it’s pretty amazing to see how well the Passport can do in off-road situations.

Thanks to its all-wheel drive feature, it does really well in many different types of weather and road conditions. In fact, there are even various types of AWD drive modes, including Mud, Sand, and Snow, that you can activate.

When these are used, three things are adjusted: the torque bias, how the torque is split between the rear wheels, and the throttle response. So no matter what type of road you’re on, whether it’s muddy, sandy, or snowy the Passport can handle it.

It’s great, too, because it has a true torque-vectoring system. It’s able to shift torque between the left and right rear wheels. This means it doesn’t have to use the brakes like the majority of its competitors, giving you more control.

Plus you can watch the system working in real-time on the dashboard screen.

But keep in mind that the Passport is not built for intense rock-crawling. It simply does not have the level of suspension it would need for that. This is better suited for SUVs specifically created for rock-crawling activities.

However, if you just want a reliable SUV that is great on the freeway, does well in the snowy months, and on muddy mountain roads, the Passport is a great choice for you.

Fuel Economy

When it comes to fuel economy, the Passport falls in a nice range for mid-size SUVs.

The estimated fuel economy for all 3 Passport models is about the same. City driving gets an estimated 19-20 MPG or 370-390 miles driven. Highway driving clocks in between 24-25 MPG and 468-487 miles driven. The average MPG sits at 21.

All models take regular unleaded gasoline and have a tank capacity of 19.5 gallons. So while it’s not the most fuel-efficient car on the planet, it does a good job when compared to other SUVs in its class.


What about cost? Basic models will begin around $31,000 MSRP.

But most buyers want the tech and upgrades that come with the EX-L package which starts at $38,310 MSRP. The EX-L comes with the heated seats, 8-inch screen that supports Apple and Samsung pairing, and blind-spot monitoring.

If you want all that the Passport has to offer, then check out the Passport Elite model loaded with parking sensors, a heated steering wheel, satellite radio with real-time traffic alerts, and more. The Elite package starts at an MSRP of $43,680.

Should the Honda Passport Be Your Next Car?

Now that you’ve read all about the Honda Passport, it’s time to ask yourself the important question: should you buy one? In case you’re not convinced yet, the answer is “Yes!”

Visit our dealership today to test drive a 2019 Honda Passport and take home the car you’ve been waiting for.

Have additional questions? Contact us today. We’re happy to help.

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