How To Turn Off Honda Lane Assist

October 10th, 2018 by

How To Turn Off Honda Lane Assist

How To Turn Off Honda Lane Assist! One of the best parts of buying a Honda is knowing that you are buying a reliable and safe vehicle that you can keep for years. When you first get your Wilde Honda, its important to learn how you can adjust your settings and use the standard safety features. If you are wondering how to turn off Honda Lane Assist, read for more tips below.

How to turn off Honda Lane Assist:

  • Make sure the car is on
  • Press the “Main” button on the steering wheel
  • Then press the “LKAS” button
  • Lane outlines should appear in the instrument panel
  • Press the “LKAS” button again to turn the lane assist function off

Why Use Honda Lane Assist:

  • Helps You Stay in the lane
  • Prevents accidents involving side swiping

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