10 Things to Do in Bradenton for Date Night

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Want to get a little alone time for you and your partner? Are you looking for activities you can do on a special date night?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are a lot of activities to try and places to explore in Bradenton.

Strap in, get ready, and check out our list of the ten things to do in Bradenton for your date night.

1. Romantic Things to Do in Bradenton: Watch A Gulf Coast Sunset

If you’re looking for typical romantic things to do in Bradenton, FL, spend the day on the beaches. For daytime things to do in Bradenton Beach, you can join the dolphin tours. Anna Maria Island and other local beaches are perfect places to bask and swim.

In the evening, you and your partner could watch the dusk sky turn. Afterward, you could take an evening stroll under the moonlight. Bring a bottle of wine and have a toast to your merry and prosperous future.

Want a fancy beach date? Island Pear Excursions and Anna Maria Sailing offer sunset cruises. Enjoy the views and the food on the cruises with your partner.

2. Wine and Dine

Date night is never complete without a romantic dinner. All over Bradenton, there are tons of restaurants you can choose from. Depending on your budget, you can go for a fancy date night or a simple but worthwhile one.

Mr. and Mrs. Crab will meet your seafood cravings with its Cajun-style seafood menu. It’s a nice place to chill after a day on the beach. There are more places for dining activities near Bradenton, FL.

If you want a dinner date by the waterfront, Caddy’s at the Pointe is the place for that. Sit back and watch the sky turn dark as you try their burgers, chicken wings, and more.

3. Learn to Paint

Are you excited to get in touch with your creative side? Head over to Painting with a Twist. The establishment allows you to bring your own food and beer to enjoy the painting lesson with.

Take a look at their event calendar and pick out a painting class. Get to meet local artists and let them help you add a personal touch to the art piece. This relaxing 2- or 3-hour class will let you find your artistic inspiration again.

Bring other couple friends for a double date to keep the romance alive. It’s one of the creative things to do in Bradenton, Florida. When you can, paint your significant other like one of those French girls!

4. Play an Escape Room

Flex those brain muscles and help each other solve some puzzles. Play as a corporate spy or step into 20th century England. Between games, you can take a break at the puzzle bar.

Escape Reality is an escape room game spot in N. Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota, FL. It also offers an awesome bonding experience for couples on a double date. The team-building nature of escape rooms is also perfect for fun family date nights.

You’ll have to take a 30-minute drive all the way to Sarasota but the experience is unique. It’s close enough to Bradenton for a different date night experience. Connect your Android to your car on the drive and jam along with each other’s playlist.

5. Picnic Under the Stars

There are a lot of small parks in Bradenton for romantic and family dates. The best ones for date night activities include Riverwalk and G.T. Bray Park. If you want to do a little hiking or trailing, nature parks like the Robinsons Nature Preserve are perfect for you.

You could also rent a canoe and achieve your lover’s dreams of a date like in The Notebook. Although, make sure to check the weather beforehand so you can avoid the rain. After all, some 62% of women dress up for date night and you don’t want to waste the effort.

The observation tower is a quiet place to talk and watch the area. If you both like animals, you can go to the wildlife-viewing areas. Or, sit back and talk as you fish in the fishing area.

6. Do Some Recreative or Competitive Bowling

Do you like challenging your special partner? Bowling is one sport you can challenge them to. The AMF Bowling establishment also has an arcade, pool, and bar space.

After the activity, you will be hungry for sure. Set your Honda on cruise control as you make your way to the nearby restaurants for dinner. Better yet, check out the restaurants we mentioned before for quality service and food.

7. Walk the Riverwalk

If you don’t feel like going to the beach, stretch your legs along the Riverwalk. The park’s green spaces allow you to breathe some fresh air. The quiet, open area gives visitors a relaxing effect.

As you walk, you’ll see many different views. You can watch the cruise ships pass on the calm waters as the sun sets. There are pieces of artwork for you to enjoy as well.

Watch the train cross the drawbridge as you converse with your partner. If your feet tire, there are many spots to sit and rest. For public safety, police patrol the area at regular intervals and there are security cameras all over the place.

8. Visit the Museums

Are you or your partner a fan of the arts? Do you appreciate science, culture, and natural history? Do you want a date night that’s also educational?

There are a few museums in Bradenton that make great date spots. The Art Center Manatee showcases a spectacular watercolor exhibit. You can also sign up for an art class or buy a memento from their artsy gift shop.

Bishop Planetarium will amaze you with its educational shows about the universe. The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature also has exhibits of extinct animals. Or, see and touch a live animal at the Parker Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat.

9. View a Show

Catching a movie for date night is a classic idea. Oakmont 8 will amp up your movie night experience with its comfortable reclining chairs and buttery popcorn. The theater has the latest movies from across many genres.

If you want, you can choose to book ahead for the best spots. Or, you can drive to Sarasota to see McCurdy’s comedy shows at McCurdy’s Comedy Theater. Watching stand-up comedy is a nice way to unwind and enjoy the night.

10. Talk Over Drinks

Do you want to spend some more time to get to know each other? Try Motorworks Brewing for their craft beers, other liqueurs, and live bands. The place also schedules movie nights in its beer garden.

The 3 Keys Brewery and Eatery has a weekly selection of beers and ciders. Enjoy your pizza, salads, and more in the relaxing ambiance of their establishment. If you have no one to leave your pet dog to, the place will allow you to bring your pet.

Enjoy Your Date Night in Bradenton

Those are the 10 date night things to do in Bradenton. No matter how long you’ve been together or how well you know each other, it’s always good to go on dates every now and then. Breaking the routine is always a great way to spice things up in your relationship.

Don’t have the means to get around town and explore all these places? We’ve got your back! Contact us today and buy a new or used Honda to take your date out in style!

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